Sunday, October 5, 2014

Dare I Say: Affordable Health Care?

Some memorabilia from back in the day. 1946 to be exact

After our 50th Reunion

I decided to try to re-activate this blog because it may be easier for some of you to comment and share your thoughts on a blog instead of the website. How about if we give it a try? This will be the next place I focus my attention ... while I try to figure out how to make a page on FaceBook. Which should be easier, right?

First I'll post a few pictures from the events we enjoyed the end of September. Excuse me for being in every picture, but I wanted to be sure I talked to everyone there, and my sister was taking the pictures, unlike the other groups of photos that have none of me. Photographers like it that way.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Same Night - Second Blog

As soon as I posted my last blog I immediately saw photos down the left side. What a surprise. This (new) blog is connected to my Google+ page (also an experiment in technology). Ah, well .. might as well let it all hang out there ... yes, I have a Google+ page -- and I've posted some of my photos there and I'm in a circle of photographers. Let's explore the new F/B together ... Google+ and see what happens! (I sure hope I don't end up talking to myself here ...)

New Blog for Galion Class of 64

Ever trying new things, I've decided to turn this into an active Galion Class of 64 Blog. It will be searchable and I'll be able to post on the fly via e-mail. Perhaps I'll keep it more active and updated that way. Please jump in and comment. One thing I'm going to do is print links for old people (tee-hee! referring to us of course) and (e-mail) forwards relative to people our age...regardless of political persuasion. I'm expecting some support here, people!

As I stated in my website, this blog will be (and I quote myself) "An information site specifically about Galion, Ohio Class of 64, and generally about anyone who remembers their own years in 'Our Town' High School Class of 64. Welcome to all who remember those years fondly or otherwise." K? K! Let's get this show on the road. We're forgetting fast! Let's not let them forget us! Kathie